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A Proactive Resilience Suite is an interoperable suite of adaptive cloud and mobile services deployed across an entire enterprise through which threats to physical infrastructure can be identified and managed, in real time, before catastrophic events occur.

Dispatchr’s agent-based adaptive services enable asset-, vegetation-, emergency- and maintenance and construction- related management. These services support a broad range of fieldwork, back-office, billing, analysis and seamless integration across an enterprise’s established systems-of-record, creating the world’s first proactive resilience network.

Vegetation Management Services provides a real-time, proactive, and comprehensive vegetation management solution. Know where your threats lie and launch your crew accordingly.

Emergency & Restoration Services provides integrated storm modeling, restoration planning, and comprehensive crew management to get the lights back on quickly and cost effectively.

Maintenance & Construction Services provide integrated maintenance and construction plans that integrate with asset analysis. Keep a geospatial record or maintenance plans.

Asset Management Services provides integrated and deeply configurable supervised learning of historical operation and failure data to support asset decision making in real time.

Vegetation Management

Increase grid safety, reliability and visibility with proactive vegetation management.

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Emergency Management

Increase public safety, crew safety, crew utilization and crew efficiency.

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Asset Management

Increase system reliability by preventing proactively identified outages due to preventable equipment failure or third party human error.

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Maintenance and Construction

Provide a real-time, proactive and comprehensive maintenance & construction solution.

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