Increase public safety, crew safety, crew utilization and crew efficiency.
  • End the TOTAL outage as inexpensively as possible
  • End the TOTAL outage as quickly possible
  • Keep the restoration commitment contract with the customer.
  • Prevent Cascading Outages
CENTRALIZE CLOSED-LOOP RESTORATION PLATFORM View all your data required to create, maintain, and adjust the restoration plan in real time in one central location while simultaneously hooking into any 3rd party tools and systems currently being used.
ACTIVE ACTIVE CONTRACT PRESERVATION Now you can have restoration plans with milestones that track against the time customers expect their power to be turned on. Work can be sped up, or slowed down, ensuring that customer expectations are met accurately.
DYNAMIC DYNAMIC RESTORATION STRATEGIES Instantly adapt Restoration Plans to rapidly changing conditions in real-time. Select from flexible optimization priorities to automatically create a restoration plan, and make manual adjustments to adapt the restoration plan to your exact circumstances.
Real Time Crew Management
Crews and Assets are tracked in real-time on a map alongside damage and outage information, allowing visibility into the location and status of damaged assets, outages and crews.
Work Driven Notifications
Automatically deliver actionable notifications to customers about restoration status, estimated restoration time updates, and instructions about how to deal with dangers or report additional information.